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THank you so much!!

And Cherrypye, THANK YOU! I just got my laptop back from the Beverly Center Apple store and you were so right. They replaced the entire case for me, new keyboard and everything, free of charge.

The tech explained that often he sees this happening and he thinks its because people shut the laptop too forcefully over time. He explained that there are tiny magnets in the outer corners of the laptop, and that if you get the end close enough, it actually will close itself, so there's no reason to slam it shut. He was so nice, really explained everything to me.

I also had issues with the bottom getting overheated and the plastic has actually become scorched and turned slightly brown. THe tech explained to me that the problem is using my laptop on my lap, and not allowing the heat to be fanned off because the vent is covered. So he showed me this cool laptop pad that vents the computer and has a fan on the bottom. Its AMAZING. Here: The Apple Store (U.S.) - Belkin Laptop Pad

And I had previously taken it into the Apple store at South Coast Plaza and I knew more than the tech. So the Beverly Center referral was amazing- thank you!!!

OMG! I'm such a klutz too. I bought this iSkin for my keyboard and its amazing. I"ve spilled tons of things directly on the keyboard and all I have to do is pull the silicon skin off. The keyboard is totally untouched and not damaged under the spill. It was a great investment:The Apple Store (U.S.) - iSkin ProTouch Keyboard Protector for MacBook (Clear)

Beverly Center has never done me wrong! Good for you girl!

Now go get a shell and protect that thing!