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Thread: iPhone Apps - share your faves

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    First off, get that man in the suit off the top of Gossiprocks!

    Anyway not in any particular order...

    Looptastic - DJ your own music. Plug into your speaker (car, home) and groove to your tunes.

    Battle Bears - shoot the teddy bears before they get too close, or get hugged to death!

    Sound Hound and Shazam - because you hear a song and not know the title. These apps can do it for you! Then go download.

    iPronuciation - because I need to know what they say in other languages.

    Ringtones Pro - basic iPhone ringtones are boring and I don't want to hear some one elses phone ring thinking it's mine.

    Mixology - I love playing bartender.

    Big Button - press any where on the screen and the picture snaps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JadeStar70 View Post
    Nvash,...I will try checking out some of those games later tonight. I am sure my youngest will thank you. She is always wanting to use my phone to play the games. My oldest also gave me a game over the weekend, Scooter Hero. It is kind of fun.
    No problem. I have a Droid and iTouch so I kind of get the best of both worlds. I also play MMOs on occasion, dont know if youd like to try these out but they have one called Pocket Legends which is kind of like WoW but better, more convenient and it has animals. This is on both the Droid and iPhone. Then I occasionally play an online card game, Urban Rivals. They have an iPhone app but not one for the Droid. Best of all, both of them are free.

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    Not sure where to ask this question really,...but I will give it a shot here.

    I wondered what is everyone's favorite place to stream music online on your computer or on your phone. I have used Pandora and Jango radio before while sitting at home or work. Just wondered if there are some better sites I have overlooked.


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    Slacker Radio.

    Google Voice.



    UNO (time killer, but a battery drainer)


    Texts From Last Night




    WiFi Get
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