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Thread: Creepy as hell robot dog.. thing

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    The one thought running through my head after this was "OMFG, the Terminator movies had it right!".
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    heh, that piss take video is funny!

    I think the original robot is quite awesome. I would like to ride one, like a horse!

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    I think that is pretty damned cool but it is creepy... why are they kicking robot dog?!?!?! That made me sad and cringe a bit...

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    I'll bet NASA'll want it for exploration!
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    The legs look like deer or horse legs, only further apart, and the front legs are turned 180 degrees. Amazing how is can keep and/or recover it's balance in snow, ice, being pushed over, etc. Get used to this, these things will be coming to our front doors soon, with badges, and if we disobey, they will be herding us to the Camps...
    I wonder if there is a chip to assess the Center of Gravity and a way to quickly adjust it. Also how it's powered, battery, gasoline, twinkies...blood of children.
    Very scary, if this thing were coming toward me, I would NOT know what kind of treat to toss it, while I ran, or how to fucking kill it...

    Maybe a baseball bat, or a trap that would grab a leg and rip it off. I also felt bad when it was kicked, even though I know it's not alive. We humans are funny creatures...

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