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Thread: Which colour phone do you prefer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerous View Post
    Grey looks kinda plain... I don't really prefer either, honestly.
    lol yeah i won the phone so i'm pretty pumped to have something fun and free. but it's def not to everyone's tastes for sure.

    and i'm glad a few people like the grey. i have to say i am kind of partial to it still. i feel like everyone will have the white one.

    also i work at a cell phone store and w the w810 the white ones start looking kinda nasty if they're not taken care of but the black ones always look brand new even when they've been dropped off buildings.

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    I like the grey too.

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    A friend of mine has another shiny white Sony Ericsson Walkman phone and after a week or three it started looking dirty and a lot older than it was.

    I must admit he isn't the most cautious person on the planet but still, I would go for the grey.
    Do I look like I care?

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