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Thread: Any Sirius users?

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    XM and Sirius are pretty much the same now since they merged. You can look at the various packages available, but it's pretty much all the old sirius channels with a few of the "best" XM stations still around. I had XM before the merger and there wasn't really a whole lot I missed afterwards, except for how they changed the format of the uncensored comedy station (went from playing really long segments of comedy sets to really short portions)

    Check out any of the "dock and play" radios at When it was still XM radio I had one that I used both in my car and in my dorm room, I'd just take it with me. I had a little antenna that I could run the chord through the backseat of my car and stick to the top of my trunk with a magnet, and then I had an antenna in my dorm room as well. I'd just plug it in and had no problems. There was no permanent installation I had to pay for in my car, it took less than 5 minutes to run the wire, and I never even put a dock in my car, I'd just rest the radio in a cup holder.

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    I have xm and I LOVE it. I am pissed, though that they got rid of Strobe, the disco channel, for the summer to make room for the stupif summer beach party channel.

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    Ive wanted Sirius for years. I used to have a job where they sold it and I almost bought it. Too bad it was Seasonal, ended before I could pick it up. That was a long time ago though, back when XM was still around. But I too am sick and tired of Pandora and other free online services. Sad thing is, they dont have an app for the Droid. I have these on my cell phone so its very convenient but as far as I know Sirius isnt on the Droid.

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