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Thread: When accessing this site, I'm sometimes redirected to other sites...

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    Default When accessing this site, I'm sometimes redirected to other sites...

    When I come to this website and don't log in, it sometimes redirects me to (porn site) or websites with "free offers." I worry because the first site has a disclaimer that it contains "adult material," so I worry about visiting this site while I'm at work. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Are my computers (both work and home) infected with some type of spyware or is this a board issue? Responses from others would be great, so I can fix this issue. Thanks.

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    Sounds like ad/spyware. Does it only happen at this site? If you can avoid Internet Explorer, do so.

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    I use explorer & have never had this happen! Very alarming. But I always log in...
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    I've had it happen in the past when I hadn't registered yet. Sometimes the ads do stuff like this. With me it was usually OMG U HAFF A GAZILLION VIRUSSES!1!111!1!! please purchase this software to get rid of them.

    Either that or you have some sort of virus/spyware/adware/malware on your computer. Run a virusscan and a spyware scan.

    I had some adware once that redirected my google searches to gay porn sites. I kind of miss it.

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    Yeah it's either spyware or just an ad that redirects. Once you are logged in you don't see ads.

    I'd suggest getting Firefox and then download the Adblock plugin. That way even if you aren't logged in you won't see ads or be redirected

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    I had this happen to me a few days ago when I didn't log-in right away after accessing the site. I was also redirected to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jezi View Post
    I had some adware once that redirected my google searches to gay porn sites. I kind of miss it.
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