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Thread: Sidekick 2 or equivalent...

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    Default Sidekick 2 or equivalent...

    Anyone here have a sidekick 2 or something like it? I am in the market for a cell/camera/web browser and need to buy one ASAP. I like the sidekick since I found a place where it will be free. I am a frugal soul!
    Thanks for any input!!!

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    Default Re: Sidekick 2 or equivalent...

    Hey chatterweb!
    I got the pink sidekick 2 for christmas and so far I love it! Well.......for the most part anyway, the volume in the earpiece sucks, even w/ the volume all the way up it sounds like the person at the other end is standing 3 feet away frm the phone. But you can always use the hands-free. I also dont like that its not bluetooh capable, but there is an adapter you can buy to solve that problem. Which I have orderd but hasnt come in yet so....I cant really be of much asstiance there. Other than those 2 things, I think its really cool! I hope this helps!
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