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Thread: Looking for MP3 player recommendations

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    Default Looking for MP3 player recommendations

    I have the SanDisk Sansa m200 and it works like shit (Gets stuck, stop playing, plays music without lyrics).
    I wanna buy a new MP3 player just for music and radio. I don't care about videos and exra stuff.

    Note: I use it while working out and jogging so I need something strong that plays music well and can deal with jumping and exercise.

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    Not quite what you're after but my phone (sony Ericsson) is a fantastic mp3 player, as well as being a phone, internet, camera and everything else! I love it. And no, I don't work for Sony!

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    I have no personal recommendations but you can check Cnet reviews

    MP3 players - CNET Reviews

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    i love ipods, i have a small mp3 player i got from ebest buy though that i love. its pink and tiny. all it is is the screen with button and its a USB so it plugs directly into ur pc. theres just a civer so u dont poke urslf. i could post a pic if ud like. its simple and has aradio and it was also 20 bucks haha. i just doesnt hold more than 500 songs so i update it alot.

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    My iPod nano works well while I'm exercising, plus they're quite cheap now.

    Mine is 2 gb and holds enough stuff to keep me going for a while.
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    I have a coby mp3 player its okay but it doesn,t come with a radio sorry. I think the ipod is a awesome choice. Also ilo mp3 player are awesome too.

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