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Thread: Trouble signing into Yahoo Messenger

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    Default Trouble signing into Yahoo Messenger

    I tried logging into Yahoo Messenger and had the little pop-up window come up, saying I need to TRY AGAIN. I've tried many times over the past three days and it will not let me in.

    The odd part is that although I am unable to log into messenger, I AM able to log into Yahoo mail with that password.

    I went into Yahoo mail and changed my password, thinking that would able me to get back onto the messenger, but it still says the password is incorrect.

    I have two accounts and this problem is only happening with one of the accounts.

    Anyone have any ideas to what the problem is, or how I can fix this?

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    don't know if it's related, i had trouble with yahoo mail recently? i have everything in gmail now

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    I have yahoo IM and it's working fine for me.

    re-check if your yahoo id is spelt correct and password.

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    I have to reset my Yahoo messenger password each time I try to log in, in the end I've just given up! And I can get into my email fine....
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