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Thread: Wireless keyboard and mouse combo

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    Default Wireless keyboard and mouse combo

    I got the sale of the century today. Retail price is $100 and it was on sale for $30. I got it at Staples at the store. I went in to buy a new mouse and not even the wireless kind, but this deal was too good to pass up. It's an instant savings, so you walk out paying 30 dollars. Comes with batteries!

    The sale expires on May 10th. If you can't get to the store, buy it online. The keyboard is great, has soft keys and tons of features and the mouse is easy with a magnifier and back button.

    Microsoft 6000v2 Wireless Laser Keyboard/Mouse Combo at StaplesŪ

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    I can't stand to use wireless keyboard/mouse. I play online games and it's a given the batteries would start to give up at the worst possible moment. For normal people that looks like a nice set!
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    Everyone I know complains that the batteries run out too quick. Im happy with the plug in type, but I can also see the positives of that set.
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    for gaming, I always found the wireless stuff to be like.. 1/100 of a second slow in reaction time which is enough for you to get blasted
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