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Thread: Resident Evil 5 trailer

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    Default Resident Evil 5 trailer

    This game's trailer is better than any movie trailer I've seen in a while, can't wait for it to come out (oh, can you believe some are saying this game is racist?)


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    I lurvve RE, saw this when IGN had it. Although I dont know why they are calling this one racist just because it's set somewhere in africa, killing africans. Why doesnt anyone get heated from all the other RE games that prodominantly have grey, green, dead zombies and always set in Racoon City?

    c'mon people!
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    Oooh, this looks fantastic. I loved RE4 on the Wii!

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    it's racist cuz it's in africa? how about if it was in europe? i doubt you'd hear anybody whining then.
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    I think it was racist that it was not set in Japan.

    And also the original title (Japanese title) Bio Hazard is much better than Resident Evil, RE sounds like some cheesy horror flick.

    I luvz the game though. It's still the RPG format? I hate the multiplayer stuff everyone's got going on these days.

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