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Thread: The Eco Button reminds you to power down your computer

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    Default The Eco Button reminds you to power down your computer

    This big green Eco Button may look like it could potentially save the world one tap at a time, but it's actually just a fancy way of reminding you to put your computer in energy-saving "ecomode."
    The Eco Button connects to your computer via a USB cable and whenever you step away from your desk to take a call or head out for lunch, you simply press the button and it puts your computer into energy-saving mode while it's idle. Because the button is illuminated and simple to use, the company is hoping that people will use it rather than navigating to the energy-saving mode in their menu bar. . . .Therefore reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bills. You'll also get to see how much power and money you're saving with an included software program. Now let's hope they come out with one I can put in the bathroom to remind my boyfriend to turn the water off!

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    so it lights up and uses power while it tells you to reduce using power?

    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    maybe still saves energy overall though

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