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Thread: Moldable Mouse: love it or leave it?

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    Default Moldable Mouse: love it or leave it?

    I don't know if I would get any work done with this Moldable Mouse that Unplggd spotted. I totally see myself regressing into my 8-year-old self, mesmerized by Play-Doh. The mouse, which is just a concept for now, is made of modeling clay on the inside, with a nylon/polyurethane-blend fabric surrounding it. Not only would it be hours of distracting, creative fun, the Moldable Mouse is supposed to aid and prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I'm just not sure if I'm loving it though . . . this isn't the first ergonomic mouse on the market, but it does sound useful and yes, look fun. What do you think?

    Moldable Mouse: Love It or Leave It?

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    Looks cool to me.

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    Only a concept? Too bad.
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    LOL i was trying to figure out what the black spider legs coming out of them were until I saw that they were hands.
    great idea. i'd probably get nothing done but looks like it'd be comfier on your hand.

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    ^i wouldn't get anything done either

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