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Thread: CES 2008: the lovely and luxurious Ego Signature laptop

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    Default CES 2008: the lovely and luxurious Ego Signature laptop

    I was beyond ecstatic when I got to check out an Ego lifestyle laptop up close and personal this week at CES. The Ego Signature is crafted personalized and assembled completely by hand, boasting a glitter-covered keyboard and an exotic exterior. What's great about Ego laptops is the ability to personalize your laptop with a unique leather or fabric skin or add embroidered initials or symbols. This chic laptop runs on Windows Vista and includes a 64-bit processor, a built-in webcam, a bass reflex sound system and an anti-reflection high resolution screen for indoor and outdoor use. Functional and fabulous, just what the doctor ordered!

    CES 2008: The Lovely and Luxurious Ego Signature Laptop | 2008 CES, Ego, Ego Signature | geeksugar - Technology, Gadgets, & How Tos.

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    It looks like the old iMac laptops, and it looks like a toilet seat.

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    You need to see it closed. It looks like a handbag.

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