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Thread: CES 2008: the Alienware curved monitor for video game fanatics

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    Default CES 2008: the Alienware curved monitor for video game fanatics

    All I gotta say is try privacy scarfing this bad boy! Gizmodo was first on the scene to capture this ginormous LED curved monitor by Alienware at CES. With a screen resolution of 2880 x 990 and a supersized DLP display, I can't help but assume this massive television, I mean monitor, is going to cause some serious eye damage. The Alienware curved monitor is reportedly going to be available later this year. No word on pricing just yet.

    CES 2008: The Alienware Curved Monitor For Video Game Fanatics | 2008 CES, alienware, computer monitor | geeksugar - Technology, Gadgets, & How Tos.

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    holy crap look at that! very cool
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    that is fucking HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
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