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Thread: Photo retouching help needed...

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    Default Photo retouching help needed...

    I have never used photoshop or anything similar, the most I've ever done is knocked out the red eye with whatever program was on the laptop. Anyway, I have this problem with my pictures because of a makeup that I use. It's a concealer that claims to reflect to hide darkness under the eyes. Well, it frickin reflects alright! If I have it on and there is any flash photography, I have a seriously noticeable white mask around my eyes. How do I even go about fixing that? I have some recent pics of me and the hubby that I wanted to print and then ugh, stupid white circles!
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    umm i'd probably try and paint over it...maybe with a soft light brush with a
    low saturated darker color of the skin tone near the whiteness to still keep
    the detail in there but even things out. I'd probably do all this on a different
    layer so I can keep erasing and adding color if needed. If you know about
    the overlay tab in layers, just make it soft light and adjust the fill
    really depends on the situation though and how 'white' you are talking.

    edit: ack I see that you never used photoshop lol...well sorry, the only way
    I would know how to fix this issue is to manually airbrush it.

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    You might be able to correct this problem with a very simple (and free) program called PhotoPlus Serif. It is a cinch to use, though it takes a bit of practice.

    You could use the colour picker and pick the colour of your face that you like, and paint over the areas where there is too much reflection.

    Personally, I use this program all the time, and feel no need to buy Photoshop or even download The Gimp. I also don't like to read boring tutorials (I'm awful, I know!)

    Give it a try and let me know how you like it:

    Free Image & Photo Editing Software Download - PhotoPlus

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