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Thread: Wireless PC cards?

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    Question Wireless PC cards?

    So my ISP with Comcast is up in a couple weeks so I'm thinking about alternatives and have to make up my mind in about 10-14 days.

    My city is supposed to be going free WiFi but it's going too slow and I can't wait for that. Right now I'm paying $29 a month on a promo deal. Comcast told me that I have to wait a year between promos so my ISP bill will go up to $42 a month in a couple wks.

    I think I'd rather have a wireless card. It does seem expensive, but I'd be able to go anywhere, whereas now I'm stuck at home or in some crowded wifi place. I'm with Verizon for cell phone service. Someone told me I should call them and see what I can set up. I don't want to purchase their satellite computer... too dang expensive. Any ideas?
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