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    Default Nokia E62

    At first I fell in love with the Blackberry but people kept saying I shouldn't buy it because it's too cumbersome and has bugs. Therefore, I moved on to Nokia E61 cellphone but I really want it with a camera because I use it all the time with my current cellphone. What do you think about the Nokia E62? It's E61's younger brother, has a camera and seems much more friendly and easy to use and also bugless. Am I right? Does anyone have it?

    And I have another question: How does Nokia E61i different from E61 and E62?

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    I have the Blackberry 8800, 8700 and the Pearl (I'm a tech nut) and I would recommend the Blackberry. It's known for its durability, I have my 8700 for 2 years now and it's still in mint condition.

    Although I have had some Nokia's in the past and they're pretty but their durability isn't that great.
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    I own a cell phone store and Nokia's are the most solid phone on the market to date bar none! They are even better than Samsung which is second imo. I detest Motorola which is the worst brand out there!

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