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Thread: Question about Windows Vista

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    Default Question about Windows Vista

    I've read reports that its kinda buggy.

    I am actually buying a new notebook this week and I'm leary about Vista being so new. I'm completely nontechnical, so if one of you geek speakers could give me a quick and simple answer, I'd appreciate it. Should I stick with XP or go ahead and get the free upgrade to Vista? If I don't upgrade now and don't buy a new computer for 5 years or so, will I be left behind?

    The only thing I really use a home computer for is storing music and surfing the web and writing a document once in awhile.
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    I don't know a great deal about computers but I remember that the tech guy who writes for our daily newspaper advised people to wait about a year before getting Vista. He must have thought it was 'buggy', too!

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    I just bought a new notebook and it has Vista. I like it so far and have had no problems. Has a lot of neat new features. Good luck.
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    I don't think you'd be left behind if you waited. I mean XP came out in like 2000 or 2001 I think, and people still use Windows 98 pretty regularly.

    From personal experience when I recieved my first computer it was before XP was released but it came with XP. The only problem I had with having XP before the rest of the world and before it became popular was the fact that I had a hard time getting any new hardware and gadgets to work. Like my webcam that I bought wasn't XP ready so it only worked when it wanted to and my digital camera also wasn't ready for it so I had to download a couple of things to get it to work. It didn't take long though for things to become XP compatible. I wasn't scared of it being buggy or anything. I think any Windows program is buggy but as long as you keep up on your updates you'll be fine. I'd be all about getting Vista on a new computer.

    I think either way you're going to come up with pros and cons, I mean I would take the Vista but that's because I like having new and fancy things, haha
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