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Thread: HELP!!! All my Word files are corrupted

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    Default HELP!!! All my Word files are corrupted

    I've been having a corruption problem with Word whereby certain files, like my Master's thesis, crash every time I try to save them. And today, all the students I e-mailed marked papers to in Word said they couldn't open them, and they are also on Macs.

    So I had the bright idea to restore all my software, and re-install the Word software that is licensed to my husband thru the university where he works. Now when I try to open any Word document, I'm told that the "test license has expired" and there is a Buy Now link.

    I don't understand why the licensed software suddenly stopped working, nor do I want to shell out big bucks for Office X, when I plan to upgrade to the latest OS. Any ideas as to how I can get the Word to work again?

    I'm getting desperate here.

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    Default Quick fix

    I suspect you have a virus. Do Macs have a restore function like Windows XP? If so restore back to the day of or before you reinstalled the software.

    If not download Open Office from and get the version for Macs. It is a free Microsoft Office compatible alternative. You may be able to access your documents using the Openoffice product instead of Word.

    Once you can safely access your documents you will have some breathing room to fix the problem.

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    You can try searching for keywords in the support tab in There is an advanced search engine there also. Good luck, hope you get results regardless. It sounds like you were working with a test version, and now they want you to shell some bucks for the "real version". That sucks.

    Valuable info can sometimes be had by entering your main words into search engines. Many solutions have appeared on IT forums when trying this. Good luck.
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