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Thread: Crazy Rabbit - Nabaztag Rabbits

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    Default Crazy Rabbit - Nabaztag Rabbits

    Has anyone seen or own one of these Nabaztag rabbits?
    I don't know -seems a little crazy to give a rabbit the power over your emails, phone calls, and websites, and you can use it to talk to your children or S.O. instead of doing it yourself. I wonder how much information they are tracking from the users....

    A day in the life of a rabbit:

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    About a dozen years ago, I remember trying to teach my grandmother how to use the remote control for her tv. I got frustrated, because she was refusing to listen or learn. She said that she just didn't want to do it. I kept telling her that she would love it, and that she would wonder what she ever did without it, but the stubborn old thing wouldn't budge. My other grandmother did the same thing with the microwave oven that was given to her at Christmas. She used it as a bread box.

    I am now my grandmothers. I don't understand that rabbit thing, and I don't want to know.
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