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Thread: YouTube deletes 29,549 videos

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    Default YouTube deletes 29,549 videos

    YouTube deletes 29,549 videos at request of Japanese broadcasters, copyright groups

    A total of 29,549 videos were deleted from video streaming site YouTube following a request from copyright-related rights organizations, NHK and other broadcasters, the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) said Friday.
    The collective request to delete the videos was made by 23 businesses and organizations. Parties included public broadcaster NHK and private television stations.
    YouTube is a site allowing users to freely watch uploaded videos, which include clips from Japanese television programs, but in most cases, permission to post the videos has not been obtained from the copyright holders, and JASRAC and other organizations in Japan view them as a violation of copyright.
    Under U.S. law, items are not considered illegal if they are deleted in line with requests, but there are a huge number of videos uploaded on the site, and if the videos are downloaded before they are deleted, the damage can't be prevented.
    The aim of the collective request to delete the large number of videos was apparently intended to underline the seriousness of the problem to YouTube. (Mainichi)


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    The Japanese are really sticklers for copyright; often in news broadcasts,
    if they haven't obtained permission to use video footage of a soccer
    game, they blot out the screen entirely and just run the sound,
    describing the action.

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    I hate how they're trying to control dissemination of information with this copyright issue. Not that it's important news or health info or anything, but if people want to share something they have that they like and are not in it for a profit, I think they should be able to.

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