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Thread: Laptop hanging troubleshooting help

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    Default Laptop hanging troubleshooting help

    Hey guys, using an asus g74sx to grind on. Stock except an intel 335 ssd. For the last few months it will hang, usually pokerstars lags a second and then all the windows go black. For about another 10 seconds I can still open / use other programs. I have never waited long enough for it to unfreeze as I usually just reboot while grinding. I have had it hang a few times for ~20 seconds and then unfreeze while playing hearthstone or just web browsing. 95% of the time it happens while grinding though.

    Anyways, it is getting pretty old. I ran memtest for over an hour and that came back clean. Temps hover between 55-65c most of the time watching a movie, hem, tn, and 15 tabling, and chrome open.

    Trouble shooting advice? Should I try to reinstall windows?

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    It sounds like your graphic processor is going bad , does it constantly sound like your fan is overworking ?

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    Laptop hanging troubleshooting help - Computer Technical Help - Software and Hardware Forum

    maybe try checking this thread - after all, it IS the post you cut and pasted from.
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