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Thread: Haven't reformatted my computer EVAH!

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    Default Haven't reformatted my computer EVAH!

    I bought my computer in october 2007. it was pretty high end at the time and it still works super well. it has vista on it, and i never got the disc because it was a 'pre built' type computer by HP and i tried to back up a laptop once and fucked it up and it's sitting in my closet. anywho, i was thinking tonight of all the bits and peices of info and data from old programmes i used to have (can you say myspace?) and was wondering if anyone knew of a good programme that is NOT some stupid trick or spyware or secret installer that will clean the old useless files off your computer without having to manually go in and do it. i don't have the balls to reformat. if i screw this up i'll end up having to buy another computer or the new windows and i wanna milk this baby till the end with what i have.

    its still superfast, no popups, no viruses as far as i know, i use avg and a few other programmes that run to prevent infection.

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    Hi Annika,

    The one i've used for many years is called 'CCleaner by Piriform (

    They have a free download of it or you can buy it (for some extra features)... it is a very popular pc cleaner and gets rid of a lot of old/junk files etc from your PC.

    i hope this is of help to you

    *Disclaimer* No i don't work for Piriform, i just use one of their products and have done so for many years
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    thank you! i think i had that years ago on my old computer. it sweeps with a broom while it's clearing your files right? lol.

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    Annika - I'm just spitballing here, but I believe that if you don't want to reformat - or even if you do, the first thing you would do is 1) backup all your existing data files and other critical files. 2) Go and create a rescue CD from somehwere in your control panel apps. Then, 3) you would check your PC/Laptop case to make sure you have that sticker on the side (with a hologram) that proves you have an authorized copy of Windows operating system installed. It will have a specific number on it, too. At that point, you would be able to reformat, re-initiate the installation routine, which would then allow you to download and execute installation files from Microsoft. I think that is the general approach, but you would need an expert's confirmation/guidance.

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