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Thread: No-contract phone question

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    Default No-contract phone question

    I don't know if this sounds crazy (or I just don't understand how these things work): I want to know if it makes sense to replace my MP3 music player with a no-contract multimedia phone (without the phone enabled).

    When I run or go to the gym, I have this SanDisk Sansa MP3 player that I wear. It has been pretty cool and unobtrusive. It has very limited photo/view capability - 1.5-inch screen. However, I've used it so much now, that the slider button on the side is almost impossible to slide on or off any more.

    I was looking at replacements for this device, and possibly something with better screens and view capability, but as a class of device, they have pretty died out. You can get something like a Sansa Clip but I want something with more photo/video features.

    Apple has the iTouch, but it costs $199 and has no external memory capability and makes you go through iTunes to install music or video.

    I don't want to use my regular phone to go running. I don't want to run the battery down or risk it in the elements.

    So, there is an ad this week for the Nokia Lumia 520 phone - no annual contract - for $60. This thing has a 4-inch screen, has 65 hours of music play time with its battery, and has built in camera, web browser and video player. For $17, I can also add a memory card that will expand it's total memory by 64 GB.

    Here's my main question - am I missing something here? Can I just walk into a store and buy this phone for $60 and say, "No thanks" to phone service? It seems too good to be true.

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    I'm not sure. I have one of these

    I think it's an iPod nano mini. I'm not sure if they make them anymore, but I found it's all I need.

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    Thanks, Krisnine. I've seen that one, but I want one that has a big screen.

    This weekend I went to Radio Shack - where it's selling for $60. The sales reps there said you have to sign up for some kind of monthly thing that costs $60. When I said ,"that sounds like a contract", they replied, "No, it's not an annual contract. You can get out at at any time." ??? But what if I don't want to get IN in the first place?

    Anyway, I've been talking with a representative from Newegg. She said you can definitely buy the phone outright from their site for $90 with no plan. And apparently, Amazon is selling it for $80. It seems like an amazing deal for what I want.

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