My budget is 700 to 800 dollars if I have to spend that. I have a Dell that has been great, no complaints about the speed etc. One complaint about the plug in battery charger and how it was designed. It has never plugged in tightly and I'm on my second charger. I wish it were a USB charger instead of the hole you see on the top left side. It falls out. I am about to do my research, Becky's and Becker's.

I am waiting till Windows 8.1 come out in a few weeks because I've seen Windows 8 and there's no Start Button. It's kind of a dreadful system.

I'm not so wild about the plastic they use on the Dell's. Maybe metal is better? I think it's that fake plastic metal. Dell? Toshiba? Lenova? All basically the same? I'm a PC person. Not a gamer, no uploaded music.