Just a quick post because it was surprisingly hard to find reviews of the device, which came out last year. Especially fair ones.

It's a wireless controller kind of shaped like a big horseshoe, to be used with Xbox racing games. It senses turning motion when you use it. Typically, you use one trigger on side to accelerate, and the trigger on the other side to brake or go in reverse. It has the standard colored buttons on the controller to to allow you to use to access menu options.

A lot of people who reviewed it complained that your arms get tired using it after a while. Not just in written reviews, but in YouTube demonstrations. The problem with this is that you can just as easily use the thing sitting in a chair, resting your elbows on your knees and tilting with your hands. You can basically play it forever without getting tired in that position.

In conclusion, it is a great device for racing games. Very responsive.