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Thread: Graphic design help please!

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    Default Graphic design help please!

    I would really appreciate some advice here. I am starting a new personal training business, and of course I want to minimize my initial investment. I have designed a pretty smoking website on Weebly using one of their themes. I love the background at the top of the page and the font and color of my business name. I would like the same background/font/color on my business cards.

    Searching high and low, I was hoping to find business cards with Weebly themes but I'm coming up empty. I was able to do a print screen of the page so I have a copy in a Word document. Is there a program I can use to remove all the excess information and then copy the image onto a business card? It's just a very simple blue watercolor design that kind of looks like clouds, but I have looked on websites high and low and not found anything close enough.

    In a pinch I can just use a white card with the business name in the font/color, but it would be nice to have the watercolor background.

    Any advice for tools that would do this? I am on a Windows 8 platform.


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    I'm not sure if this will help, but I use this website for business cards. They are quick,cheap and you can make it exactly what you want. Give it a look,just in case:
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    Default is the program you want. Go here: Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing, it's a free (legally) download.

    You can't exactly remove all the text and such, since what you're working from is all one image, but you can cut and crop as necessary, and you can also use the "color picker" tool - select the tool, click on a part of the image that you'd like to pick up the exact colour from, and then you can add that exact colour to your palette and "paint" over any text with it. You can zoom in like crazy to add different shades or do very careful erasing.

    There are layers and stuff, too, but to be honest I'm not really an expert with the program. I have used it to do almost exactly what you're describing, though, so hopefully that helps! Once you have an image you want, save it and you can paste it into a Word business card template.
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    What about using the Snipping Tool under Accessories on your computer, to cut out just the section of the page you want?

    Then you could use the Paint.Net program to clean it up and resize it.

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