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Thread: Need help, computer not working

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    Default Need help, computer not working

    Today I went to turn it on, the computer is turning on but nothing is loading and the keyboard is not working. The speakers are on as is the mouse. Does anyone know what could have happened? The only thing I did differently yesterday was update the latest AVG. I really hope I haven't lost all of my pictures. I am typing this from my laptop.

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    I'm no good at things like this but just a couple of questions. Do you use Windows? Have you checked the keyboard is plugged in properly? I was going to suggest trying to go into safe mode but if the keyboard won't work then I'm not sure what you can do.
    Hopefully someone who knows what they're talking about will reply to you soon lol!
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    I would call Geeks On Call or a pro for this. It sound serious.
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    What do you mean 'nothing is loading'? You can't open any programs? Do you get an error message?

    It's possible that because of the update AVG keeps trying to 'do' something, thus 'choking' the computer.

    If the mouse works properly, rightclick on your clock and select task manager in the menu. In the 'processes' tab, see if there's anything related to AVG. Rightclick and 'end process'. If all the AVG processes are gone, see if the computer responds now. If it does, you know AVG is the problem.

    If it doesn't, you could try starting it up in safe mode (usually by pressing either f5 or f8 during start up), to see if it responds then if it starts up in safe mode, you could just uninstall AVG.
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