I am an Apple geek. I have a MacBook Pro (which I really don't use that much anymore), an iPhone 4S, 4th generation iPod Touch and my baby, a new iPad (they're calling it the new iPad, but it's the 3rd generation one). This is my first iPad, but DH has the 1st generation (very different than mine). He introduced me to capacitive styluses. I have long nails and made due with the iPod and the iPhone before (hitting the back button frequently). When I got the iPad, I got totally addicted to a stylus. Now I HAVE to use one for my iPhone and iPad (the iPod I'm still okay with; I have a "swipe" app for going backwards and forwards for songs). The ones that I've bought are always bulbous on the end and wide. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on a poster's name here by missing the thread icon (sorry if you can tell, I swear I'm not stalking you!). I bought a new one for my husband for Easter (from Amazon). His capacitive stylus was about half the size of the four I own and have bought in various places. I searched and searched and cannot find one like his in white (all my Apple products are white (except the Mac) and I'm very OCD about matchy matchy stuff). I've looked everywhere I can think of ... has anyone seen a white capacitive stylus with a tiny stylus end?