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Thread: Need a new computer? Dell coupons!

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    Default Need a new computer? Dell coupons!

    Dimension 1100 Desktop with 2.8GHz Pentium 4, 256MB, 80GB, 19-inch LCD Monitor

    Only $399

    Price is $399 after $390 instant discount. Shipping is an extra $29.
    Update: Use Dell coupon C0M9BQK7P8HH0F [Expires after 1,000 Redemptions] to get an extra 5% off.
    Features Include:
    2.8GHz Pentium 4 Processor
    Windows XP Home
    256MB Memory
    80GB Hard Drive
    48x CD-RW / DVD-ROM Combo
    19-inch E176FP Flat Panel Monitor


    Antec ATX Quiet Mid Tower Case with 350W Power Supply

    $29.99 After Rebate

    CompUSA has the Solution Series ATX Quiet Mid Tower Case, 350watt Power Supply on sale for $29.99 after $10 instant savings and $40 rebate.
    Expires: 4/29/2006


    Random MISC. Deals

    Maxtor 250GB Hard Drive - $59.99 After Rebate
    26-inch LCD TV - $499.99 After Rebate
    Mustek 7-inch Prog-Scan Portable DVD Player - $79.99 After Rebate
    Maxtor 100GB External Hard Drive - $59.99 After Rebate
    ATI 256MB AGP Video Card - $149.99
    ATI 256MB PCI Express Video Card - $149.99


    Rolling Stone Magazine - 3 Year Subscription (78 Issues)
    $5.91 After Coupon
    The coverprice for a 3yr subscription is $308.10! Click through and add the 3 year subscription to your cart. Then, enter NetMagazines coupon DCMPS30D during checkout.
    NetMagazines Coupon: DCMPS30D - Expires: Unknown


    Dell EPP - 1.73GHz Pentium M XPS M140 14.1-inch Widescreen Notebook with DVD Burner
    *HOT* $584.10 After Coupon with Free Shipping
    Price is $584 after 10% off coupon. Use your DPA account to get an extra 3% off. This deal will not last long!
    Click through to the 10% off Coupon Page
    Select your University
    Select Notebooks -> XPS from the Drop Down Box
    Select the XPS M140 starting at $649
    Add it to your cart
    Use Dell coupon 1L2HGBXNSLLH04 to get 10% off
    Select "Pay with 1 Credit / debit card" at checkout
    Then Select "Save 3% using Dell Preferred Account" to save an extra 3%
    Dell Home Coupon: 1L2HGBXNSLLH04 - Expires: Unknown

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    Default Re: Need a new computer? Dell coupons!

    Dell totally fucked up my BF's computer order it was so ridiculous! They sent him a base unit that was broken the minute we got it, and then said they could only repair it not replace it and we hadnt even got the damn thing on, it'd been in the house literally 1 hour! I wasnt standing for getting a brand new base unit repaired when it didnt work in the first place, it was faulty! i had to shout real loud at some guy to get a new one out, then they just pissed things up so we sent the lot back! i hope US Dell is a lot more efficient than ours

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