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Thread: 'Hot girls' worm exploits Facebook "Like" button

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    Default 'Hot girls' worm exploits Facebook "Like" button

    Facebook has been hit by another scam that exploits the social network's 'Like' button, reports security firm Sophos.
    The scam, which has been dubbed 'likejacking', updates user profiles with a message saying that the user likes a web page called '101 Hottest Women in the World '.
    Anyone who clicks on the link to investigate what the web page is will be taken to a web page containing a photo of Hollywood starlet Jessica Alba.
    The page is infected by a Trojan which is identified by Sophos antivirus as Troj/Iframe-ET.
    The scam works by hiding an invisible button underneath the user's mouse pointer – so if they're logged into Facebook, clicking anywhere on the infected page will update their Facebook profile to say that they also 'Like' the page, before redirecting them to pictures of female celebrities from lad's mag Maxim.
    The site at the heart of the clickjacking scam is part of the CPALead advertising network, so users' clicks help to generate ad revenue for those behind the scam.
    Security expert Graham Cluley of Sophos said on his blog: "Facebook really needs to grab this problem by the horns, as it is increasingly being struck by clickjacking worms. The social network should tighten up the way it handles the 'liking' of external webpages before it is more widely abused by malicious hackers and spammers."
    Users who believe they may have been affected by the scam should check their profile and delete any suspicious entries relating to the page, and warn friends who might have clicked on the link.
    'Hot girls' worm exploits Facebook Like button |

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    Fucking facebook strikes again. I'm afraid to use the "like" button at all now.

    Actually, this is the perfect opportunity to blame this all on Miseralba so that's what I'm gonna do.

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    oh yeah i saw this on my newsfeed - a couple of my friends 'liked' this hot girls page thingie. it looked weird so i figured it was some kind of scam.
    i really only use the 'like' function on other friends' pages - when i like a picture or a status update or something. hardly ever for any third party group or page unless it's something i know is totally legit like npr or an ngo or something.
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