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Thread: The - I need a computer techie/geek thread

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    Default The - I need a computer techie/geek thread

    I thought this would be a good place to ask questions. I still can't tell who has the techie stuff down.

    So if you're a techie or gamer geek, let us know who you are.

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    Yeah, we do kinda need a "Haaaaaalp!!!" thread.
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    My boyfriend is a computer technician. He's actually a desktop technician and works for a company who farms him out to other organizations to fix their computers. Right now, he works at two different school districts. He drives around from middle school, to high school, to elementary school all week long to fix school computers. Then he comes home and his family and friends call him all night long to fix their computers. Then my family has been calling all the time too; my mom has him on speed dial or something.
    I guess I could pimp him out on here too. It serves him right for having a viable skill. He should have gone to college for a degree in some obscure subject (like I did, for example) and then no one would call him for any help because he wouldn't know how to do anything useful.
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    I know stuff 'bout 'puters. Went to school for it and everything.
    Also know a bit about mobile telephony too (work in tech support for that, actually).

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    I don't know programming or anything like that. I'm trying to build my own computer so I'm slowly becoming a hardware geek.

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    I'm a pc (not Mac) techie from way back but I do not know a blessed thing about gaming.

    ...just felt like sharing

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    I'm a techie! Got a diploma recently as well to cement my skills down to paper.

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