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Thread: How to delete your facebook account

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    Default How to delete your facebook account

    I figured out how to delete a facebook account--they make it pretty hard to find the instructions. Go here:




    and follow the directions. (Put it all on one line--I had to break it up or it automatically took you to the login page.)

    I know some people have been bitching about facebook, so you might want to go ahead and do it.
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    you can also disable it without deleting it entirely. at least until they change the privacy settings - and you know they will, once enough people bitch about them.

    i don't like the new settings but i rely on fb to stay in touch with friends and family from all over the world. and there are ways around them - you can make yourself available on the search only to friends. and if you click on the little crayon where your friends are on your profile page, you can change it so that your friends no longer show up on your profile.
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    I found out that a "friend of friends" was a guy who I am very afraid of--I don't want to be on his radar anywhere, in any way. With the new fake privacy settings, he could find me. I've deleted. Never used it anyway.

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    See, I don't understand this ^^.

    The "new" privacy settings look even easier to understand than before, and you can literally make your entire account visible to ONLY you. You go to your privacy settings page, and explore each section--it's all laid out clearly, e.g. "about me", "education and work", "religious views" blah blah. Under each section, you can scroll down to "customize" settings and then a popup comes up with even more fine-tuned options like "specific people (can see this section)" or even "only me".

    You can do this for all sections, some sections, whatever. You can make some things "friends only", some things "friends of friends", some "only me", and so forth. You can make yourself wholly invisible, or partially visible. You can remove yourself from searching within FB and outside it, use a fake pic (or none) for your avvie, and best of all, you can block assholes, stalkers, etc. When you do that, you do NOT exist anywhere on FB for them. Even your comments on other people's status updates, for instance, are invisible to the blocked person.

    I had the same problem as WhoAmI: a loon who's been obsessed with me since...drum roll....1987. I'll call him "Stupid". He finally joined FB recently. Now, I also have an idiot ex bf who just has to be friends with EVERYONE in the entire fucking world ( should've seen some of the people he used to indiscriminately bring home. That was part of why we broke up.) Of course, Idiot Ex friended Stupid on FB. This meant my privacy from Stupid was compromised. So, I blocked Stupid.

    This promptly proved to me that he had indeed been snooping, because he noticed immediately when I vanished from view everywhere and promptly blocked ME out of spite. How do I know?

    I have a dummy account. All my cautious friends do. It's an easy way to check out people you don't trust, as well as seeing how your real account "looks" to someone who's not you, or on your friends list. So, I viewed Idiot Ex's friends list from my dummy account, and sure enough, Stupid was visible to people other than me. He only blocked me, lol. And he wasn't smart enough to consider what a giveaway that would be if I found out. Like I said...stupid.

    Anyway, I even joined FB under a pseudonym, because back then the privacy settings DID suck. So, as I'm not searchable under my real name, I get to do the connecting with old friends; I pick and choose whom I wish to friend, not the other way around. Even with old friends who are being as paranoid as I am, we can still ask mutual friends and connect that way.

    (Many of my friends wish they'd thought of the fake name trick, since they feel obligated to accept friend requests from people like, say, the boy they really regret dating in high school who just HAD to drunkenly search them out one night. )

    Anyway, if you are really SO worried about privacy on FB, then just take precautions as I've done, and you'll probably end up more private there than you are in real life.

    I value FB so very much because for the first time in my adult life, I can be genuinely in touch on a regular, near-effortless basis with almost all the people I most like and love in the world. Yeah, it's not perfect; but to me, it is a very worthwhile innovation overall, and I refuse to allow a few nutcases like Stupid to ruin it!
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    I don't use FB, so I don't know exactly how the privacy settings/profile's work but could this work:
    Could you remove all personal info, changed profile/login name, delete pics and friends, etc. Would this work?

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