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Thread: A couple of sites you might enjoy

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    Default A couple of sites you might enjoy

    Think of it as an early present from your old pal Pip.

    Free movies I registered on the site, and the movie I will watch to begin with is The Trailer Park Boys' Countdown To Liquor Day. I was happily surprised to find out that the site has the film.

    And for your entertainment purposes, if you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, here's TV Theme Music.

    It's an excellent site, and it has a lot of Brit TV themes as well as American ones.


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    Hey Pippen - I'm not sure how the free movies site worked out for you but for me it was not a pleasant experience; I ended up downloading a movie, then a player, then a sound program so I could hear the movie, and and then the player refused to play the movie but sent me to a site where I could buy movies. The movie I downloaded was an avi file but none of my media players (real, quicktime, windows, etc. would play it). So then I had to uninstall all the software - ugh, horrible morning!

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