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Thread: Connecting computer to TV...need a little help

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    Default Connecting computer to TV...need a little help

    I've got a Sony Vaio Desktop, and I have already downloaded and updated all the drivers connected to the TV Tuner. The TV tuner has component video outs, and I have connected the proper cable to the computer and put it in the 3 inputs of the television as well. Still no pic.

    Am I missing something here? The Sony site said that you need to match like with like and you are good to go. Anyone have any experience doing this?
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    Is your computer powerful enough to send video to your tv?

    It's all down to your graphics card installed on your computer.

    Then again,if it is powerful enough,then you may have to go into the Audio set-up on your tv,

    When you switch on your tv,it will say Audio/TV/Camera/Bluetooth set-up options,just go to TV it should work no problem.

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    Did you sort this Flak?
    I've been trying to asist my BIL with this today & besically, apparently he needs to change his display from "display 1" to "display 2" - mind that was told to me by a polish-native speaking geek... so I might have misunderstood....
    Have you tuned your tv channel to the s-video? Do you need to so that?
    I'll come back after the w/e as it should be resolve @ my BILs by then!
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