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Thread: Question about spamming

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    Default Question about spamming

    I have a website with a guestbook. Entries have to be approved by me before they are published to my website.

    Everyday for the past week I am getting guestbook entries that say this (for example):

    Email address: (first name).(last name)
    Display name: Something weird like QekifhZWopDSlxa (I made this one up)
    Message: Good site, admin.

    The IP addresses and email addresses are always different, but they always say "Good site, admin." and have the weird code for their display name. The IPs are located in Malaysia and Pakistan.

    When I google the email addresses I see hundreds of the same messages on people's guestbooks. And they are all from this week.

    What is the point of this spamming? They aren't linking to a website or displaying any ads, at least they can't on my website.

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    Perhaps they are trying to post a file, but the guestbook program converts the file contents to text, it becomes gibberish characters ?

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    WikiAnswers - Why we received many emails which wrote Good site admin recently

    They're harvesting! It's apparently some bot with thousands of available IPs.

    Good site, admin.

    Lately the internet has been swept with an awesome new spambot. It uses real-sounding email addresses (for eg or The body of the message or post is always "Good site, admin." or "Good post, admin.".

    You can see the spambot in action here: PureSound Sessions 082 - Joey V Guest Mix - 18-09-2008 | RAPIDSHARE. At the time of writing, that particular contact form has been hit 18 times in 19 days!

    I kind of like this spambot because it's interesting. It doesn't try to sell anything, doesn't seem to attempt to add any links to a message, and has actual natural language instead of a Markov-chain generated paragraph. The aim of the game seems to be the usual - spam a bunch of contact forms, see if you get an auto-responder or, god forbid, an actual human on the other end, and add the address to your harvested list. The difference is that this one doesn't 'taste' a contact form for allowed parameters (like the ones that contain a mixture of <a href> and [url] tags along with plain text links).

    The 'good site, admin' bot does seem to be gathering pace since the end of March 2009, so we'll probably see a lot more of it in future. In the meantime, sorry dude - your spambot's getting filtered
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Ah-ha! Thanks for the post!!! That makes sense. I've been getting hit like crazy by them, I was wondering what was up.

    Good find, thanks!

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    try downloading free Mcafee Site Advisor. that may help you. i don't know if it works in guest books but you can try it.

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    ^^ That won't help her if the spambot is posting to her site... All she'll be doing is paying for something that isn't going to help her.
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