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Thread: The Sims 3 for the iPhone screenshots released

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    Default The Sims 3 for the iPhone screenshots released

    The Sims 3 iPhone Screenshots
    By Eddie Makuch

    Yes The Sims 3 is coming to an iPhone near you; what with the insane marketing blitz EA enacted how could it not?
    Details on the mobile version have been scarce, but if a picture speaks a thousand words weíve got four new images to stare at (and learn 4,000 words?).

    The screens, which look on-par with Wii graphics, show us a few things-the first of which is character customization to a degree. The next is the idea of open world movement, as we know the big brother has, and finally that character to character interaction happens between mohawked dudes and company on the side of the road.

    According to TouchAracde the title will last 10 hours, support accelerometer controls, and feature four mini-games-Fishing, gardening, cooking, and house repairs.

    Furthermore, revealed at the Apple 3.0 update event, The Sims 3 will allow for in-app paid downloads, and most interestingly the ability to play any tunes from your iPhone/iPod Touch library in game. Cool.
    As both a Sims fan and a soldier in the Apple army Iíll most likely end up picking up both, what about you?

    Character Customization



    Day Time

    Looks like crap. ;x

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    Wow, that does look bad, but at least now all the iPhone moms at the park can take their Sims crack with them!
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