1. "He let his gorgeous gams take center stage in the tight white leggings that tapered at his black leather boots."
2. "Her toned tummy took center stage as the sophisticated stunner rocked a pair of low cut geometric panties."
3. "The acid-tongued fashion titan famously only ever wears head-to-toe black with a starched collar and teamed with leather motorcycle gloves - and is reportedly the inspiration behind fashion villain Mugatu in the Zoolander movie franchise."
4."The pop superstar, 48, showed off her toned midriff in a cropped turtleneck sweater paired with skintight black leggings."
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As the show progressed, he swept his blazer off as well, showcasing his toned arms as he played a game called Water Wars with the besuited talk-show host.
The lilac garment featured a soft cotton printed with a faded script reading the geographically named-child's moniker.