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Thread: Game: Celebrities Who Deserve Each Other

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    Default Game: Celebrities Who Deserve Each Other

    I was reading the thread on Lee Ann Rhymes and I was thinking of all the scankalicious people out there who basically deserve each other. So I thought I'd try to give my yenta matchmaking skills a whirl. Please help match up the sewage.

    Jon Gosselin and Tiger Woods should just tag team and change their names to Hans and Frans or something. Don't they look like a match made in heaven?

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    I was quite proud of this. Took me a while to make it, but it just got lost in the shuffle. Is one effort at bumping ok?

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    Tiger Woods enjoys women -- why not pair him with Michelle Duggar? If she ends up pregnant, she won't complain.

    As for Lee Ann Rhimes, we can throw Jim Bob Duggar at her. I think that the little harlot needs some ol' time religion!

    I think that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes deserve each other.
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