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Thread: Silicon implants OK again, have fun with your immune deficiencies..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    ... really? How interesting for you. Where do you suppose the silicone gel (the semi liquid form) GOES when the outer casing ruptures? Does it just sit pretty, not moving a at all?
    Oh ok, well now you clarify your inaccuracy.

    Silicone GEL does NOT migrate. Since you started this thread talking about how silicone implants are now legal again, "have fun with your immune deficiencies", someone who's done their research such as you, would know that what IS legal now is silicone GEL.

    Silicone liquid has been illegal for 15 years now, so surely you were referring to the silicone GEL implants that are now available today right?

    It sounds like you are very confused. You started a thread about silicone implants being legal again, and then talked about how the silicone will "free flow around your internal organs." Clearly you're unaware that the same implants you reference as being legal again are not the same ones that were taken off the market in 1992.

    A gel filled implant does not leak. Silicone gel implants are cohesive polymers, not liquids. The gel filler acts as a solid unit rather than a liquid.

    Again, do your research. You're coming off as completely uneducated on the topic you've chosen to spout off about.
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    Mmmmm, solid unit, non liquid, silicone boobies.... Now that sounds utterly sexy

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