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Thread: Lindsay Lohan's underarm surgery scar visible

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    I never believed her when she said her boobs are natural. I've read stories that people who knew her before fame said shes now very full of it and has fake boobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tictac View Post
    Nice manicure.
    Oh no you didn't LMAO so funny!

    I think she has a bad bad tan job, which she is notorius for and of course I do see what looks like an area under the arm that has been stiched up. Under the arm has been done.

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    Maybe she has those implants that docs can change the size of? Kind of inflate & deflate but with liquid? Is that even possible or did I dream it into existence?

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    look at the deep lines on her forehead.. girlfriend is aging so fast, with the coke and the cigs and the sun..
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