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Thread: Lindsay Lohan- no implants after all?

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    in the twilight zone.


    They look real to me too, she has about 10 to 15 pounds of weight difference in those pics.. Maybe she is in the small percentage that gain weight in the chest first... haha....I actually think she has a good body in the 2004 picture. I think she has great legs too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by South Lake View Post
    Lindsay DEFINITELY has implants.

    You guys are talking about her weight gain and boobs getting bigger and smaller as evidence that they're real.. did it ever occur to anyone that even when you have implants, your boobs can STILL GET BIGGER OR SMALLER when you gain or lose weight??

    Once you get implants, your boobs don't magically stay one size regardless of your weight. They are still capable of adding fat to them.

    That picture of Lindsay in the floral dress was taken right after she got implants. So they were still very high and swollen. They have since dropped alot and flattened out. She still has implants, she just doesn't always push them up, making you think that the non-push-up look = real.
    That is totally true. I think she has implants for sure. I have them, and they look just like hers. mine looked like bolt-ons when they were first done, now they have a natural sag to them. and yes, they do get bigger or smaller depending on my weight gain or loss.

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    I don't think she has implants either. Sometimes when I'm bloated, and I lay down...I get that curve that looks implantish. Or if Im wearing a great push up bra...but I''m natural. I think Linds is just a small framed girl with a good natural sized breast that fluctuates with weight and hormone changes.

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    I think Lindsay originally had huge round, implants, took them out when she got into her anorexic phase, then had smaller, teardrop implants put in. As a result, her boobs currently sag as the skin and the tissue were stretched out from the original oversized fun bags, hence the saggy look.

    From this...

    to this...

    then finally this.

    It's like what happened to Katie Holmes. She had implants, then after she took them out, she was left with the current deflated balloon-look for breasts. There 's a picture floating around the internet with a green spaghetti strap where her breasts look baaaad. Too late for me to find it. I'll try to find it when I'm awake.
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