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Thread: Jessica Simpson's strange "shelf"

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    I think this is mostly the fault of the dress, really. It's too small, fits very badly and pulls her boobs down. She has a pretty small waist below the boobs, smaller than the bust and the ribcage just below the bust, so it's just a simple question of gravity, really... The bodice will travel downwards and pull the boobs with it.

    I'm a D/DD and strapless bras, even good ones, never work on me because of that; the waistband eventually starts sliding down on your body, no matter how tight it is or how much of silicon edging there is on the inside to keep the thing in place, and pulls your boobs down with it. It looks like crap, I get a better shape without any support at all...

    The bad ones - the cups tend to fold down on me.

    Those clear straps look okay, but they're always very narrow and cut into my shoulders - extremely uncomfortable, I never wear mine, even though I'd really like to sometimes - and so far, I haven't managed to find wider ones. That's possibly a good idea, for those of you who work in the business... clear bra straps in 1" widths. I'd buy them.

    The only thing that really works, in my experience, is proper, old-fashioned corsetry. With boning supporting the boobs all the way from the waist and up to the top of the garment, they'll stay in place. Otherwise, not a chance...

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    She needs a breast lift.

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