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Thread: Does Cameron Diaz have implants?

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    i think it is absolutely hilarious when people constantly scrutinize the fluctuating size of celebrities' breasts.

    Firstly, breast size fluctuates with weight gain and loss, and also during different times in a womans monthly cycle.

    Also, push up bras, chicken cutlets, padding and even applying makeup in a certain way to the area can make a woman look like she is one cup size larger than she is.

    I just dont get why people always say "its implants" or assume they are probably implants.

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    i wont classify cameron as flat-chested. take a look at dese fotos

    1. It may be squeezed in dis foto

    2. See the beginnin of dis video
    >> YouTube - Cameron Diaz- Bikini; Bra and Panties; etc. ("In Her Shoes")

    3. She dont look flat here
    >> YouTube - cameron diaz


    5. Look closely at her boobs in dis vid
    >> YouTube - Cameron Diaz Burping Like a Lady

    6. See how her tits go to the side in dis vid
    >> YouTube - Cameron Diaz Christina Applegate

    7. ehhs.. get what i mean?

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    I've seen topless photos of her and she is not flat, but she is not big, and she DEFINATELY DOES NOT HAVE IMPLANTS. So case closed! (For now, at least.)

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    The "before" links aren't working for me, but even after I saw "In Her Shoes", I chalked the cleavage up to a good bra and possible cutlets. She had a sizable chest when she made her debut in "The Mask".
    I saw a film today, oh boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliceInWonderland View Post
    she had big looking ones in The Mask
    Cam was heavier when she did the mask, plus she used temporary boob lifts.
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