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Thread: Christina Hendricks's Breasts Are Real, Thank You Very Much

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    I love her, and I have since she was on Firefly. I haven't seen Mad Men yet. At this point I'm gonna wait til its over and just get the DVDs.
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    See "Hunger Point" - a Lifetime movie with Barbara Hershey and Christina... that movie made me hate her. It wasn't that the movie was unwatchable, it was Christina. Her face makes me yearn to bash it in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    I love her, and I have since she was on Firefly. I haven't seen Mad Men yet. At this point I'm gonna wait til its over and just get the DVDs.
    I loved her in Firefly, too! The first episode she was in, before we knew she wasn't what she seemed, I was hoping she and the Captain would get it on, they looked so good together. She's really good in Mad Men. Weighing in, I think her boobies are real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    I don't see implants either, they look real to me

    Yes, I think in context with her whole figure that her boobs are definitely real. I remember seeing her in some 90's show a while back and she was very thin (for her) and they were still quite big. Big enough that I could see them growing this much with all her weight gain. In this pic she's literally about forty pounds heavier than in the 90's show. When I gained 40ish pounds for a while in my late 20s I went from a 32B/C to a 34DD-E.

    She may've gained more weight than that, actually. It's hard for me to gauge because she's a big woman overall. Forty pounds on small me could be sixty on her, or more. Look at pics of her next to other average height celebs. I think her official height is 5'8" but she looks taller than that to me, plus she has large bone structure.
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    I'd say she's had implants. She did gain weight and obviously with subsequent increase in cup size, which helps to give the implants a more natural, less rippling look. Her chest is similar to Salma Hayek's, they both have had implants placed lower, probably 1/2 under the muscle and 1/2 over it to make less obvious. Her boobs are implants but since she was naturally busty and is a big girl they look better than bolt ons. Those are good implants though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    Someone posted a pic a while back of her in some menz mag when she was younger where the tits were looking much smaller.
    I remember that too.

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    ^^This one, right?

    Her boobs aren't small or anything here, and this is about 60-70 lbs. ago, but there's no way they're real.

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    Recent pic. I say fake. They look like a shelf.

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    I love Christina in Mad Men. However, her boobs just seems so weird and out of proportion to me. They make her look like she has a pinhead. I guess as a heterosexual woman I might not be the best judge but, jeez. Plus, they always just look kind of out of control.

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