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Thread: Casting Call: natural breasts only

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    This kind of discrimination disgusts me.

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    you already know.



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    I just got a casting notice where it said, no implants* (*Unless you can't tell) if they're really good, and can pass for real, that's ok. ?? wtf???
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    well it makes sense. i hate when they make period movies and there are actresses with fake boobs or nose jobs or obvious plastic surgery which didn't exist then.
    u can tell if someone had a nosejob?

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    It's a superpower.
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    it requires extensive training.
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    sometimes you need a Gothika picture to tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by january View Post
    Totally off topic, but I was watching Friday the 13th the other day (the new remake, not the old one - free on OnDemand) and there was a girl on there with the WORST pair of implants I have ever seen. She takes off her top at the beginning and is putting oil on her breasts and I was cringing the whole time. I just couldn't believe any guy would find that the least bit attractive, or that she could even be casted. And then later, there is a nude scene with another chick with the best pair of natural breasts I think I have ever seen, it was such a weird dichotomy. And damn, that movie was full of boobies. It seems like a prerequisite nowadays in any horror flick that each actress has to take off her top at least once, except the main girl (usually the "good" girl). That's my random thought for the day.
    Actually I thought the same thing when I seen this movie. If her breast implants weren't so painfully bad or maybe too big for her size then it would be fine. But they just looked so horrible. I couldn't even stomach the look. That's like porn star boobs. If actresses are serious about acting they would at least get a reasonable size where you can't really tell. You see these tiny girls with huge sizes and they just don't work on their body. And I also do notice the horror films having at least one or two sex scenes where a females top is taken off. God forbid they ever do that to a man but that's another story.

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