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Thread: Can someone tell me the truth about what age womens' breasts stop growing?

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    I have a friend who gained something like three cup sizes in her early twenties. She had an eating disorder in her teens, got better, gained a little weight and went from A-cups to D-cups. I think it seems plausible that you might see an increase if you eat better and fill out a little.

    Breasts aren't ever stable or constant in size, in my experience. I've always had large ones, but went from large C-cups to E-cups a few years ago - around 25, that was. I gained some weight, most of it ended up in my boobs, then I got rid of most of the extra flubber, but I'm still stuck with DD/E, unfortunately.

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    Lots of things effect your breasts.
    Body fat is the most obvious one however fluctuation hormones (due to age, body weight {both too little & too much}, stress, illness, pregnancy, etc) and also developing the muscles that the breasts sit on will too.

    I was a steady B- from 17 - 32/33 given slight weight fluctuations; but then they grew... and grew... and grew... and now I'm a D cup. My hormones are seriously f*cked up and I have this shrinking feeling....

    I recently told the Mister that if they get to look like empty crisp packets I'm having a boob job! I'm reasonably tall & have a muscular/middle build (I'm not & never will be a skinny-mini!) and I like the balance it gives me!

    BeautifulVisions - you've asked the question and as usual on here got a number of different replies. I'm glad that you sound like you're getting better, do be kind to yourself, and if you can't talk to your doctor, change him/her; stuff like this is important & you need to feel comfortable!
    Free Charmed.

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    ^ Thank you so much for the advice. You're right.

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