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Thread: Tori Spelling

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    Default Tori Spelling

    Tori Spelling posts selfie with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon | Daily Mail Online

    Ready for a nip/tuck? Tori Spelling posts selfie with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon... and hints she's getting new breast implants
    By Rachel Mcgrath For
    Published: 12:18 EST, 31 March 2016 | Updated: 12:55 EST, 31 March 2016

    Tori Spelling has hinted she's about to get a new pair of boobs.
    The actress and reality star posted a selfie on Instagram showing her with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu, as well as a photo of a mound of silicon gel implants.
    It's an indication that the 42-year-old, who first got breast implants in her 20s, is about to embark on what is believed to be her third breast augmentation procedure.

    +7 Ready for a nip/tuck? Tori Spelling shared this selfie with plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu on her Instagram. He specializes in breast implants and enhancement

    Tori, who has four children with husband Dean McDermott, is seen sitting in a chair at the cosmetic surgeon's office make-up free and with her blonde hair falling loosely around her shoulders.
    She's wearing a gray sweater and in the caption gushes about how 'knowledgeable and personable' the doctor is.

    Chiue is no stranger to celebrity, having been ranked one of the best creators of natural-looking breasts by L.A. Confidential magazine, and with his wife Christine Chiu trying out for a role on Bravo's reality show The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

    +7 More plastic surgery: Tori also posted this photo of a pile of silicon gel implants, seemingly hinting that she's about to get some

    +7 No stranger to the knife: The 42-year-old mother-of-four, pictured in September, is believed to have had three breast augmentation procedures to date as well as a nose job and facial fillers

    +7 Chiu and his wife Christine are no strangers to the LA celebrity circuit. Christine tried out for a role on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills in 2014, while her husband has been named one of the city's top plastic surgeons

    On an episode of her reality show True Tori in late 2014, the daughter of late TV mogul Aaron Spelling was seen meeting with plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami.
    The implants she'd had inserted in her 20s were 'expired and recalled', she said, and should have been replaced years ago.
    Ghavami told her breasts had started to harden, according to Extra, with her implants at a three on a scale of one to four.
    'It's pretty bad. It's almost as bad as it could be,' the practitioner told her.

    +7 Advice: Tori was seen on her reality show True Tori in 2014 visiting with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, who told her the implants she'd had since her 20s were long overdue for removal

    +7 Cash flow issues? The former Beverly Hills 90210 star has recently denied that she's struggling financially after she was sued by American Express in January for an unpaid $37,000 credit card bill

    Her plastic surgery move comes just a couple of weeks after Tori denied she and Dean are having money worries, after she was sued by American Express over a $37,000 unpaid credit card bill.
    'We're not bankrupt. We're not struggling. We're fine!' she told People.
    In January, her mom Candy, 70, who inherited the bulk of her late husband's $500 million estate, said she is supporting her daughter financially.
    'I’ve been helping out and I’m paying all her bills now,' Candy told TMZ.
    'I’m not paying extras..... I’m not paying any back payments – just for the house and the kids’ school and the food. That’s all.'

    +7 Mouths to feed: The daughter of the late TV mogul Aaron Speling is married to Dean McDermott, with whom she has four children. Dean also has a teen son from his first marriage. The family is pictured in January

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    If she's so broke how is she getting new boobs? And new breast aren't going to do anything for that face
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    her face looks ok in that first shot. and yes, i've just had my first glass of cab (it's our home-happy-hour here).
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    What a cute dogs, the short one.
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    Yeah, her hair. Uh-huh. Most fake hair ever.

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    I LOVE that the dog's face reads a total "Bitch....puh-leaze."

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    It's freaky how the two oldest kids are Dean clones and look absolutely nothing like Tori. Which normally I'd say is a good thing, but they both have his punchable weasel face whereas the younger two at least look a little more interesting. Of course they still have plenty of time to grow into their mother's ugliness.

    So instead of two lemons in a pair of socks will her new boobs look like two grapefruits in a pair of compression socks?
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    ^^ "punchable weasel face" is such a perfect description.

    i agree with czb, her face does actually look okay in the first picture. on her, the less make-up, the better.
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    i think she is dripping with ugly. and dean too.
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    Have those implants put in your face you fucking gargoyle.
    "A true whore just loves her life." - Sluce

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    "The wild, cruel beast is not behind the bars of the cage. He is in front of it."...Axel Munthe

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