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Thread: Olivia D'Abo - fillers and goodness knows what else

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    One of the things (among many) that's happening is that the botox is so overdone, it has flattened the muscle of her forehead and around her eyes completely. Intuitively, we know that entire area shouldn't be as flat and dead as it appears, and then it's harshly juxtaposed next to over-inflated cheeks with filler that totally missed the spot.

    The filler looks like it's been done by a doc or other professional who simply doesn't understand the anatomy. It's one thing when a PS who does only facial plastic surgery and who does injections regularly (rather than making his staff do it); it's another thing when a family doc does a weekend seminar on Juvederm and gets needle happy. That family doc doesn't know the anatomy and how the filler will perform functionally like the facial-only, hands-on PS does.

    There was no control in looking at how this person puts on weight in the face - that's why both the botox and filler look like shit, to begin with.

    The botox should have been done so that there was still some brow movement, if for expressive purposes only. The forehead can still be wrinkle-free via botox but still allow some eyebrow movement. Also in the last shot, notice how much her eyebrows have dropped to the line of her lashes when her eye is open: the injector didn't take into consideration the height of her forehead, the droop of muscles that have been botoxed over time, or the last of elasticity in the skin from aging (she's clearly been at these procedures for some years): her eyebrows wound up dropping from that last round.

    The filler in the top lip over time doesn't look bad to me, but the lip looks off, as if the injector used some botox there to stop upper lip wrinkling. It's making her smile and the way her lip sits a bit strange, but at least it's not too overt.

    Also, the way her muscles contract to smile sit in a certain way in relation to her high cheekbones and the remaining fat pad there: the injector never put them together correctly while injecting, and that's why there's a weird strain in her smile.

    The thing is, she could have treated all these areas and not turned out this way - enough people do. I'm amazed if she went back to the same office for all this. Maybe she really doesn't see what others see, and she finds this desirable.
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